Halloween!! My favorite holiday!

We all have a favorite holiday.

Mine is Halloween!

Maybe because it’s 2 days after my birthday, maybe it’s because I love the macabre, maybe its because I watched too many old horror movies growing up, maybe its because I love costuming, maybe it’s all of these combined.   Whatever the reason, I adore it.  Our home is decorated with a Halloween theme all year round.  When the actual Halloween season comes around, well just hold on to your hats!  We go all out.  I do a whole big yard theme and the house gets seasonal Halloween decor in place of our everyday Halloween decor.  So far I have been terrible at taking photos of any of it.  So for our 2017 Halloween season I will be documenting my build, doing DIYs, tutorials, and lots of fun recipes for spooky treats!


This year will be a bayou theme!  Inspired by the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and the Blue Bayou.  I will be building a small “shack” with a dock.  I have a big tree in my front yard so that will factor into it.  There will be lots of swampy plants, lanterns everywhere and hopefully some fireflies.  Oh and of course loads of fog!!

I’m super excited to see my vision come to life!


I’ve already started on small props such as lanterns and swamp plants.   Once the weather cools off a bit I will be starting my outside builds.



Whats your favorite holiday?