Dreaming of my future

What will my future look like?

I’m lying in bed trying to get some sleep, which is impossible with hubs out of town for business.  I’m thinking of our future,  when the kiddos are all grown, lives flourishing.   What will our life look like?  We have talked about downsizing.  Even the possibility of a tiny house.  I would love to have a nice quiet little house with a view.

I’ve wanted to move to Scotland for ages, as far back as I can remember.

I adore the culture, the scenery, the accents. *swoon*  I would really love to live out our retirement there.

I’ve often dreamed about a cute little cottage in the Highlands.


A cozy little place for the two of us with a little guest room for when the girls visit.  Ivy creeping up the sides.   A beautiful little garden full of beautiful flowers, shrubs, grass and trees.






Or a glorious Castle


In my wild dreams we will live in a big beautiful castle on a loch.