Modern 1950s Housewife schedule

A quick look into my daily schedule as a Modern 1950s housewife

Being a modern 1950s housewife I have to keep a schedule in order to accomplish everything that I need to do in a day!  This schedule is focused more on my cleaning routine.   It doesn’t include my time taking the big girls to school or dropping them off.  Or focusing on my business.  I also don’t schedule unschooling as that goes against our philosophy.  I keep quite busy as you can see with caring for my home and my family and my own business!


  1. Make your bed upon waking
  2. Open up the curtains and windows
  3. Make and serve breakfast
  4. Clean up breakfast
  5. Start a load of laundry
  6. Straighten up the living room, open curtains, light dusting, quick sweep, put away anything that doesn’t belong
  7. Switch over laundry
  8. Go over dinner menu, take out anything that needs to be thawed or prepared ahead of time or anything that needs to be purchased
  9. Run any errands that need to be done
  10. Tidy the bedroom, including light dusting
  11. Do a quick clean of the bathroom including cleaning mirrors the sink and counter tops, make sure old towels are in hamper, and fresh towels are in place
  12. Lunch
  13. Start any pre-prep for dinner such as putting food into crock pot.
  14. Clean up from lunch and pre-prep
  15. Wipe down kitchen work surfaces
  16. Take out the garbage
  17. Detailed cleaning of this weeks rooms
  18. Start dinner
  19. Serve dinner
  20. Clear table and wash dishes
  21. Clean and dry sink and counter tops, sweep and spot mop kitchen floor, change kitchen towels


This isn’t a strict routine, there is a lot of give due to our lifestyle.

Though when done consistently most of the cleaning and such doesn’t take more than a few minutes.  So it isn’t quite as overwhelming as it looks.