New Year in July?

This time if year is like New Year for our family.  

Hubs starts back to work, the big girls go back to school in 3 weeks.  FanGirl is starting HIGH SCHOOL this year!!  How did she grow up right under my nose?  It is also the start of the busy season for my business.



I’m so excited!

I love my husband, and having him home for a while is nice, but he despises being out of work.  He feels so bored and cooped up at home, while I am the opposite, I adore being home!  FanGirl loves school, so it’s great for her, GamerGirl loves to be anywhere but here, so she is happy.  MiniMe is continuing homeschooling!  It’s going to be a great year.

I will be able to get back to having a set routine for myself.

Which means more creating time, planning meals, keeping up the house, and catching naps.  These are always impossible when hubs is home because he is always wanting to go somewhere.   I enjoy going out with him, our favorite place is the bookstore!  But rarely being home means eating out constantly (yuck), spending too much money, and not having any time to clean or work on product!
And no naps!!  As I suffer from chronic fatigue  (among other things)  naps are really important to my day.   I’m like a toddler, if I’m not able to take a nap, I get CRANKY!!  I take a morning nap on the couch under the window.   That nap in the sunshine really rejuvenates me.  It cuts my stress, exhaustion, and pain.  So it is really important to me.

MiniMe will spend a little time each week with her grandparents.   This will give me a chance for some quiet time, as well as fun for her.  She loves spending time with them all.

And now for my favorite; time to do some back to school shopping!!  I love school and office supplies!

What’s your favorite thing about this time of year?