The 13th Doctor

Fellow Whovians the 13th Doctor has been announced…We finally have a FEMALE Doctor!  I am so excited!

I am part of various Dr. Who FaceBook groups, and man the fandom is loosing its mind over this.  I’m sad with the huge divide.  Many of us are really excited and happy to have a female doctor after asking for one for years, while many others are furious about it!

I get it, for over 50 years the Doctor has been a male, but so what?!  If there is anything we know about the Doctor is that he evolves with each regeneration.

A fellow cosplayer put it brilliantly, she said “Now I can truly cosplay as the Doctor”

I really don’t know much about Jodie Wittaker, what I do know is that I am looking forward to new ideas and stories.  I also know that my daughters, who have always been fans of the show, are thrilled to have a girl Doctor!