Starting my 34th trip around the sun

This past Sunday was my 34th birthday.  It was also our annual Halloween party.  It was a lovely day.  I made loads of goodies, had good friends over and it was just a lovely day.


Every year for my birthday, I look at my life and see what I want to change.  At this point in my life, I feel like I finally know who I am. I know what I want.  And I know how to get what I want.  I just finished the audio book of Gretchen Rubins The Happiness Project.  I enjoyed it, though I was a bit hard to relate to.  She is a successful author, has plenty of money, no depression or anxiety, or health problems, none of the typical things that cause unhappiness.  She says she was not unhappy, but just wanted to be happier.  I get that, I have many days that I am unhappy, though those are nearly always my super high pain/ 0 spoon days.  But I really did enjoy her book, and I feel inspired by it.  My next book is Eat Pray Love.  I adore the movie and decided it was time to check out the book.  I am working on my list of my newest life project for this year.  Once I have it all put together, I will post it here.  I’m hoping that posting it will help me stay accountable.


As I am still sick, and Trick or Treating with the girls really took it out of me, I am off to bed!! But I wanted to get in one post.