That moment when you realize…this isn’t working….

I’m a wife, homeschooling mamma, homemaker, spoonie (Chronic illness sufferer) and small business owner.  With each of these, I wear many hats.   Some days I lose a hat or two, others I wear them all stacked upon each other!


I have become a hot mess with all of this.  I am working all the time and not getting any time with hubby, and so little with the kids, and self care has been thrown out the window!   I’m exhausted and feeling terrible, the house has fallen into disarray, dinners aren’t getting made so we are eating out too much, and the kids are spending to much time on their electronics.  This is NOT working.  This is not why I chose to own my own business.  I started my business so I would have a better balance in life.  So I wouldn’t be working all the time, and have time with my kids and such.  It has to change.

So it’s time to reboot and give my life a makeover.  I’m excited and scared for this change.  I know it needs to happen, but I fear failing.   I am working up a list of changes I want to make.  And how to implement the changes.  It will be an interesting journey.  I’m curious if anyone else is doing something similar?