Yoga. Reclaiming my health

Using Yoga to reclaim my health


I have never been a fan.  These days with my lung damage, chronic pain and chronic fatigue it’s extra hard.  Plus, I despise getting sweaty.  Hubs and I joined a gym a few years ago, and went every day for a long time.  While I know it was good for me, it was so hard on my body.  I find “traditional” exercise to be frightfully boring.  True to my nature of not liking normal things, my kind of exercise is unusual.  I enjoy doing couples dancing with hubs, fencing, and yoga.


Ok, yoga might not be that unusual.

Yet, it is the easiest.  It can be done at home in my living room, by myself, at any time of the day, with no special equipment.  Just my TV and YouTube.  I do have a yoga mat, but you don’t have to have one.  My favorite videos are by Yoga with Adriene.  Adriene is so lovely.  She is funny, easy going, and does fantastic videos and she has TONS!  On my life makeover journey, one of the most important things, if not the most important, is my health.  My body has its issues, so improving what little health I have is very important.  So starting tomorrow I am committing myself to doing yoga every single day.  Even if it is just a quick 5 minute session, it is so beneficial to me.


Why do I like Yoga so much?

  • Gentle. It does not stress or strain my body
  • Easy on my body. It does not wind me or cause lung pain.
  • Energy.  An energizing morning session can help me do more in my day
  • Relaxing.  It relaxes my mind and my body
  • Sleeping. A good bedtime session helps me get to sleep easier
  • Fun.  Even my kids like doing yoga with me
  • Happiness.  It centers me and helps relieve stress
  • Health. It gets my body moving
  • Flexibility.  It help me regain my flexibility
  • Weight.  It aids in weight loss
  • Joy.  It makes me feel good
  • Slow. It forces me to slow down.


If it’s so great, why am I just now making it a regular part of my day?

Laziness, lack of dedication, letting life get in the way, and embarrassment.  Because of all of these things, I didn’t do something I enjoy, that also benefits my health. Since it does make me feel good every time I do it.  So I’m hoping if I can make it a regular thing everyday, it will improve my health and wellness overall!


How about you? Do you do yoga?