Where am I going with this blog?

I have always wanted to have a blog.

A place where I can put my thoughts, feelings, triumphs and failures out there.  And if I’m lucky, connect with people like me…if there are people like me??

I have been told to have a successful blog I need to have a niche.  So I think I have settled with lifestyle, because I have a lot going on that I can blog about.  Being a Mom, Homeschooling, Owning my Own Business/Making Art, Being a Huge Geek, Unfulfilled Wanderlust, Dreaming, and Housewifery.

Right now my biggest challenge is my business.  We have actually only really been in business, full on, for less than a year.  I know that we are doing well in the scheme of things.  We have made a profit at every show except one, my Etsy shops are bringing in some money, and I really am loving doing this.  I love creating new things.  I am super excited to be creating  a brand new line of jewelry for my shop.  But, I am not making enough money to grow the business AND live off.  I realize a business isn’t grown overnight, but I seriously lack patience.  Seriously.


Since hubs is out of work after being fired 2 moths ago for missing work because he had PNEUMONIA, we are truly struggling right now.  More than we ever have.  So with our bills all behind and Christmas gifts for the kids that can’t be bought, me physically not being able to get a regular job due to my chronic illnesses, but them not being “bad enough” to get on disability.  I am feeling like an utter hopeless failure.  I’m feeling defeated and beat down by life.  But I won’t give up.  I will push on, and try harder.  I made enough with a recent wholesale order, to pay the phone and internet bill, so hubs can continue his job hunt, and I can continue trying to get things moving in my shops.  Create more, take better photos, make better listings, irritate everyone on social media by promoting my business.  I must push on, even with my life burning down around me.

Like the Phoenix

I will rise from the ashes.  I can make it.  I will create a better life for my family.  I have to succeed.  I WILL succeed.  Maybe these ramblings will reach someone, inspire someone, or help someone to see they aren’t alone in their struggles.  Life isn’t perfect.  It’s more than beautifully staged Instagram photos and happy social media posts.   It’s hard, it’s messy, it’s dark, it’s beautiful, it’s full of challenges, it’s an adventure.  I can’t wait to share my adventure with you.